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Starry is here for you!

StarryNet was created with a vision to help the world of autism and special needs and have now also turned to helping the business community.

We began as an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Networking and Hosting company, and expanded during the pandemic to build apps for the special needs community.

From the creation of our Starry Picture Element Library (SPEL), we developed apps using icons and words to help kiddos with learning and verbal difficulties. All the features we created and incorporated into making these apps useful and creative led to our business focused applications.

StarryNet is here to help businesses enhance their customers and visitors' perception of their experience!

Perception is the most important product your business has and the most powerful! It can make or break a business.

We offer tools to raise that bar. Your business will be perceived as very tourist/visitor friendly. Especially if their grasp of the local language is not great or they feel uncomfortable with it in their travels.

Hotels, Resorts, Wineries, Security, Amusement parks, Zoos, the list is endless.

Anywhere a tourist would go and your business needs to handle any language issues graciously and intuitively.

Their perception of your hospitality is your ticket to more business!!

We have a Point-Of-Contact Communication System (PCCS) that will help you with that! We can setup your business front-end customized for easy and quick communication, and show you how your client will see all their choices in their native language. Contact me for a demo!

We also have a personal translator/transcriber, , that every employee can use to interact with your clients, anywhere on your premises.

It has instant reverse translation so that you can check what the AI did before using it.

You'd be able to save transcripts, open a chat room to broadcast translations into, share photos, etc. (This tool has uses way beyond this simple use case, as in business meetings, security, medical, etc.)

We created an autism and special needs focused community calendar to assist families, ABA Professionals (Behavioral Therapists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Teachers) and organizations who's lives have been touched by autism.

So have fun, on our intuitive platform, and ponder the possibilities!

Families now have access to a resource for finding autism related events and ABA Professionals for help, all on one site.

ABA Professionals can now control how much they get paid and when they work. Find earning opportunities from our calendar or help a family when requested.

Hospitality Industry can become StarryNet Approved locations, where the resort or hotel staff understand special needs families and are provided resources by Starry to elevate their customer servicing to a higher bar.

Organizations can get their own landing page or post their events or job opportunites on our calendar. As an organizer, you can indicate your need for ABA Professionals assistance, gather real-time leads during events, and even allow for pre-registration to an event! You may also post an on-going event if you are always looking for ABA assistance.

Starry is a platform connecting qualified ABA Professionals with Special Needs clients with an easy to use centralized community calendar and a free landing page for Organizations. We think it is the most transparent and accessible system for ABA Professionals. We strive to keep this platform easy to use and tailor it for specific user's needs.

Our Goal

We want to create an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) networking environment where clients (families and organizations) with special needs can come and find trained and qualified ABA Professionals when they need it the most.

Perhaps there is an event or an occasion where you just have to have 3 to 4 hours and be secure in knowing that your child is well cared for, or your organization need professionals to assist in your events.

Organizations can create calendar events or even get their own landing page. Event content can be constructed using a WYSIWYG editor. You can turn on pre-registration and also, if you needed assistance, create a call for assistance from ABA Professionals for the event. You can do real-time leads generation during the event as an organizer, and download the data as a .csv file.

The landing page are constructed using an integrated, intuitive editor. You are also allowed up to ten announcements and also get a private calendar too!

We priced our networking fees to be very affordable and fair. Eventually, when Starry Networking has become established and is creating a revenue stream, we want to use that money to benefit others. In particular, families that may not have been able to use the network, can now be subsidized. There may be other charitable ways we can wisely use the money or to expand our services.

We also want to create an extended environment for families, so that they can have care for two or more days per week, and repeating on those same days of the week. Being able to prepare, reduces anxiety and stress.

How do we do this and still free to join? We host and maintain Starry Networking, employ our administrative staff and make sure the processes are maintained, and the rules adhered to. When a Client finds the ABA Professional they want to work with and they both agree to work with each other, that is when Starry Networking charges a networking fee to both parties.

It is entirely up to the Client and the Professional to decide how much the rendered services will cost, we are not involved with any of the actual transactions the two parties make.

Starry depends on everyone's integrity and trustworthiness to keep the system fair and policed. To keep the integrity of the system, both clients and Professionals may be permanently removed from the system for any reason (any non-payment of invoices, verifiable bad reviews, or for any reason).

Why Join?


There are no sign-up fees, no monthly subscriptions, no annual membership fees!
All we ask from you are documents to prove your needs if you are a family, or background and education documents from Professionals for reviewing purposes.

Families and Organizations

1:Freedom to plan ahead
2:Access to trusted ABA Professionals
3:Relief from anxiety
4:Joy in having a great resource
5:Cumulative discounts: for every fulfilled request within the past year, you get a 1% discount, up to 20%, on the next networking fees.

So if you had five completed and verified requests within the past year, you would get 5% discount on that 6th request, and 6% on the 7th request, 7% on the 8th and so on... No more waiting to have all the holes punched to get the discount.


1:Access to the only network of it's kind
2:Earn great hourly rates that reflects your education and profession
3:You decide how much you will be paid for the services rendered
4:Leverage your downtime to earn more
5:Referral perks - get 10% of the networking fees (only from the Professionals portion, not Client's) from direct requests fulfilled by your referral


Networking Fees

Single Day Event(Request)

Client: $5*, Professional: $5*

Multiple Day Event, up to 3 days

Client: $10*, Professional: $10*

Extra Days Event, 4 or 5 days

Client: $15*, Professional: $15*

Weekly Event

Each party pays Fees above, per event

Active Military Client

Automatic 20% off any of the Networking Fee

* Introductory price for first 100 members.
 Doubles after the first 100 enrollment.


Client - $10/month for Premium

FreeSearch up to 10 mile radius for Professionals.
View up to three Professionals in the search.
Make up to four requests per calendar year.
PremiumSearch radius is extended.
Choose weekly requests.
Choose multiple days.
Access to Relevance Settings.
Show all Professional search results.
Unlimited requests per year.
20% discount on networking fees.

ABA Professional - $100/month for Premium

FreeAccept up to 10 requests per year.
PremiumUnlimited requests to accept.
Guarantee to show up in Professional search results if you are within the search radius.
  • How do we do it

    1: Clients (families and organizations) need a consistent resource to plan ahead with.
    2: Contact Starry ABA Networking
    3: Search between qualified ABA Professionals and check their credentials and reviews. Make unlimited messages and negiotiate your own price.
    5: Go enjoy your event knowing someone you trust is looking after your loved one.
    6: Happy life, family and home

  • How Do We Do It (Seriously!)?

    Please take a look at the following slides. We show you the request form, where you can select your location, date, time, number of days and hours.
    Other slides shows what you'll see in detail about your request, and all the various data you would be interested in, from the ABA Professional's background to their compatibility with your kiddo.
    So go take a look around the slides and get a feel for what your experiences will be!
  • New Request Page

    Starry allows you to use the address in your profile, or select your current location, to base the ABA Search from. You can specify the amount of help you need, and the date and time when you need it. Once you have that all set, Search for an ABA Professional.

  • ABA Professionals Found

    Based on the distance from your chosen location, ABA Professionals are listed in the order of compatibility with your kiddo. You can choose to see more details about the Professional or go the Request popup when you are ready.

  • ABA Professional's Detail

    Here you can see what credentials were checked or not, along with the ABA's photo

  • ABA Professional's compatibility Chart

    Here you can see how the Professional was rated against the needs of the kiddo

  • ABA Professional's Review Detail

    Here you can see the reviews for the member

  • ABA Request Details

    All the pertinent details about the request is shown here.

  • Choose Privacy Levels

    You can choose the visibility of your private information, to control who can see the information about yourself and your kiddo

  • Acknowledgement Checkboxes

    These checkboxes are here to remind the Client of their reponsibilities to the ABA Professional and to Starry.

  • Confirm Your Request

    You are asked again before making the request, if you understand the 24 hour wait time for getting a response from the ABA Professional.

  • Request Made

    The request has been recorded, emails send to both parties, and the expiration time for this request is clearly displayed.

  • Rating a member

    Our rating system take three aspects of the experience to derive the star scores.

  • User Controlled Relevance

    By default, the four pillars of ratings are given equal weight. But you may feel that Categories and Behavior is more important than Age. This Settings popup allows you to control your desired relevance level for each section to find the best suited ABA Professional.

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